About Us 


Our activities are based entirely on scripture, which is the inspired word of God (2 Timothy Ch3 v 16).

Leadership comes from within the church through the appointment of male Elders, overseers (1 Timothy Ch 3 v 1-7) who take their authority from the bible under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Membership is open to all who confess the Lord Jesus as their Saviour, repenting of their sins (Romans Ch 3 v 23) and trusting the Lord Jesus for eternal salvation (Romans Ch 10 v 9).  

Our Elders:

 Paul Brownlow    

  Adult Outreach

 Ian Drake
 Speaker Bookings
 Ian Hutchinson
 Responsible for the Support Group
 David McFarland
 Children / Youth Work
 Bob Strachan
 Teaching Co-ordinator


Basis of Belief

The statement expresses our DOCTRINAL BASIS. Select "Basis of Belief" on the side menu to read this.

Church history

The building itself is a grade II listed building http://www.britishlistedbuildings.co.uk/en-337564-westcliffe-road-methodist-chapel-shipley

An extract from a booklet produced to celebrate the Centenary of the church building is included and may be accessed by selecting "Centenary 1875 to 1975". Also select the "History" sub-page for a detailed record of the history of this church building.

Internal Renovation

Originally the Church Hall (upstairs) had pews and choir stalls either side of the pipe organ. In November 1978 renovation took place with the pews coming out, the plaster taken off the walls, and the organ dismantled. The organ was re-built, new plaster on the walls, a new floor covering and new chairs. This was finished in March 1980 when an opening service was held. The three photos below show the hall before and after the renovation. The chairs were plastic ones and it wasn't too long before they were replaced by more comfortable ones.

Continuing on, 39 years later early 2017 and following roof repairs in the prior year, the foyer was re-plastered and re-carpeted. The work didn't stop there and work commenced in the main church hall. Damaged plasterwork was patched up, the old pipe organ (that had not been working since 2013 when dust from the replacement windows had got into the works) was removed, the platform at the front removed, a prayer room created in the space where the organ pipes had resided, and the isles brought up to the same level as the areas where pews had once been (prior to the internal renovation work in 1978). Carpet tiles were laid, new chairs, lectern, communion table , and cabinets were purchased to bring a brand new fresh look to the hall.  Have a look at the difference! ...



The main reason for the hall remains ... to worship our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, and to reach out to the community with the Gospel.

Profile Photos

External Renovation

Some masonary repairs were carried out early 2013 and also all the windows (frames and glass) and doors were replaced making the building look much smarter. In 2016 repairs were made to the roof that had been letting in water causing damage to internal plasterwork .

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